October, you’re a pretty month
You’re cold but you are warm.
I like the way your letters look:
In cursive form.
October, please be good to me
I know you usually are.
It’s just that I am older now,
Yesterday is far…
Your holiday is not the same, neither are your leaves.
My body still has energy,
My legs still feel the need
To jump in piles of rotten Earth
To vandalize the streets.
October you’re a haunted month
With ghosts of a different kind.
I’ll always remember you
And what I’ve left behind.

october10 003


Meant to be Moved

Distance through motion distance through words. Three months in the country now onto the desert. I’ve thrived in wetlands, been mold on the walls. I’ve summited mountains- I’ve had it all. I am in love now with a boy not a place, in four weeks I’ll leave town with tears on my face. Commitment does scare me, losing him too. But I am a young weed meant to be moved.

Silk Petals

Like silk petals like a rose I am fragile just like those just as sunshine in my eyes I am blinding I am spry like the colors in the fall I am changing I am small I am human by my breath and one day these bones will rest on that day I’ll love the air for all the sunshine, all the tears I will drain my fall my spring; my breath will be with everything 

Morning Light

I’ve got this blanket on my lap, I’ve got those stars in the sky. I’ve got these dreams of you running through my head and baby I know why. A part of me will always love you- the part that I won’t listen to. A part of me keeps thinking of you. And I can’t get out of my mind the things we said when we were alone at night:

“You’re my whole wide world, you’re the girl I want to run away with. Come with me, let’s get lost in the trees and build a family there, a family.”

I remember all those times you quoted me, that was how you said you loved me. Now I know why. And when we’d run outside at night, camp in our cars ’till morning light. That was when I couldn’t breathe, oh that was when you said to me:

“You’re my whole wide world, you’re the girl I want to run away with. Come with me, let’s get lost in the trees and build a family there, a family.”

I’ll leave these peaks tomorrow night, take home some earth. The stars will still be in the sky, hidden by the city’s birth. Leaving here is leaving home and loving this is all I’ve known, but I don’t fit here anymore, you’re all too cool and I’m just bored. So boy don’t open up your eyes, I gave my soul to the morning light:

You were never my whole wide world, this place was never my whole wide world, I’ll never be the girl you run away with.

Butterfly Lies

Butterflies and mindless lies. Being young and being dumb, scared of wings and wedding rings. Not ready for today. Going home or staying alone, finding strength in being unknown.

I’m growing up and trying love- It’s simple, like a dream. Being his in ignorant bliss would be a travesty. I’ll stay here with garden shears, priming, poking, singing, moping.

All the corners with friends and foreigners aren’t really mine. My soul found home in another year and tricked my body into staying here. I’ll watch the bugs with wings with love and enjoy the passing time.


I’ve begun to consume coffee; it no longer makes me jump. I can mask it’s warmth with steady hands and write through all the bumps. I can sit and stare at nothing, find peace in all the hums. I can breathe in the aromas, remember where I’m from. Calm will surface within the ringing, the weight of empty time. I’ll learn release from countless commitments to hums which are not mine.
summerfall10 013


I knew a corner of this Earth, with all the people I put first
But now, I’m seeing different colors, I’m hearing different tunes.
And at first, at first I wanted to sing the blues.
But that’s not how our lives go ‘round, we have to leave our homes to be homeward bound, and I ‘m not homeward bound quite yet!

When I feel the tide, I’ll let it take me over
I’ll let go of all my pride and embrace a leaning shoulder
Cuz it’s true, I
miss all you hearts that made home home.